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Why Students Confuse the Concept of Narrative and Descriptive Essays?

Teachers give high importance to academic writing. It plays a vital role in redesigning the constraint of critical thinking of students.

There are four significant types of essays, among which narrative essay writing and descriptive essay writing have a slight line that differentiates one another. To subdue this problem, students look forward to an essay writing service to write these essays so that they can score good grades in finishing the assignments.

Students often face confusion and difficulties while writing the two essays. They blend their concepts and definitions in with one another. Because of this confusion, some students consider writing these types of essays a dreadful and daunting affair.

Students must understand the difference between both essay types obviously. Really at that time can a student write a sufficient and a trustworthy essay. We should have a more in-depth look at the definition and importance of the two essays.

A Narrative essay is a particular genre of essay writing wherein it is the utmost responsibility of a writer to explicate an event or situation comprehensively. A writer has to pull in a striking picture of the scene the reader's psyche in such a manner as a reader must feel himself to be a part of that particular situation.

A writer has to uncover the subtle characters and all the features that must have some significance and play a vital role in the scene in a significant way.

A Narrative essay demands a writer providing ‘write my essay for me’ services to narrate or describe a story of his personal experience he has ever looked in his life. However, that particular experience must have some lesson or message for its readers.

A reader can't mark down a story that is vague or guileless and doesn't have any significant role to play in the reader's life. Putting pen to paper and inscribing inconclusive events leave a negative effect on the writer in the reader's psyche.

It is imperative to specify here that a writer while writing a comprehensive essay, has to avoid making a vicious cycle. Some neophyte student writers or fledgling scribblers often make a mistake of straying from discussing the essential issue and start considering other characters or the event other than the main event.

For example, if a writer is writing about a daunting situation in which he had an auto crash due to over speeding. He has to pull in a picture of the scene such a way that a reader must feel him that he was really watching the scene standing there.

Also, a writer has to stay focused on the main acknowledged that is the lesson not to drive a vehicle fast or to drive a vehicle cautiously.

The role of a student is to illustrate a thing, a person, or a place in depth by involving sensory details. The person must have significant knowledge about the topic and strong hold tight writing skills. Really at that time can a student have the decision to discuss the subtle features of an assigned topic.

For instance, if a student is explaining a place, he must involve all the sensory details so that a reader can feel the sense of touch, sight, taste, smell, and hear. In case a reader feels that he has really visited the place by reading the article, a writer has satisfied the prerequisite of this particular genre of essay writing.

Presently, the differences between the up to mentioned essay types are clear. A Narrative essay compiled by firm with ‘write my essay’ services demands just to explain a situation or an event in detail with the help of sensory details. In contrast, a Descriptive essay requires a writer to write about a place, a person, or anything by involving the entirety of the five sensory details.

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